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Despite economic and legislative problems, Suriname’s telecom infrastructure is reasonable compared with the rest of Latin America, and teledensity is about average for the region. State-owned Telesur is the exclusive provider of fixed-line and mobile telecom services. Internet access is the only market sector open to competition, but only one company, CQ-Link, offers any challenge to Telesur’s dominant ISP. Following WTO recommendations, Suriname has agreed to liberalise the telecom sector and has been developing suitable legislation to this end. The Surinamese government has expressed hopes of opening telecommunications to competition during 2006, but that the market is too small for more than two additional companies to compete with Telesur.

Author: Paul Budde Communications Pty Ltd. (Australia).

Date: February, 2006.

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Wet Telecommunicatie Voorzieningen

Wet Telecommunicatie Voorzieningen
(Law for the Provision of Telecommunications)

Fuente / Source: Ministry of Transport, Communication and Tourism (Todos los derechos reservados/All rights reserved)

Vigencia / Enactment: 2004

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