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Ley de Telecomunicaciones de Paraguay

Ley de Telecomunicaciones de Paraguay (Telecommunications Law of Paraguay)

Ley Nº 642/95 de las leyes de Paraguay

Fuente / Source (Todos los derechos reservados/All rights reserved): Ministerio de Industria y Comercio 

Vigencia / Enactment: 29 December 1995

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728 Oct 21, 2007

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Paraguay, a country with the lowest fixed-line teledensity and also the lowest Internet user penetration in South America, still has a fixed-line market that is neither privatised nor liberalised. The state-owned incumbent, Copaco, is known as being inefficient and overstaffed. The mobile and Internet sectors have been open to competition since 1995, and mobile phones outnumber fixed lines in service by around five to one. All four mobile operators provide GSM/GPRS services. The government aims to privatise and liberalise the telecom market, which has considerable expansion potential, judging by Paraguay’s GDP, which although low, warrants greater telecom development. This report provides an overview of Paraguay’s telecom sector, relevant statistics, and brief profiles of the main operators.

Author: Paul Budde Communications Pty Ltd. (Australia).

Date: March, 2006.

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