About Us

LatinLaws.com is the only virtual legal library that compiles the most important legislation of Latin America in one single place, allowing direct access to complete texts of legislation.

LatinLaws has been created by lawyers for lawyers. This website was created by a group of multijurisdictional lawyers who not only maintain the site, but use it in their everyday practice of law.  We know you need easy access to the important information on our site because we do too.  We also know that the legal profession is changing as technology and the needs of a globalized economy change, and that is why we continue to grow and improve the site and the information available on it. We recognize the importance of the Internet, paperless systems, and access to legal resources virtually from anywhere, not only for lawyers, but for anyone and everyone doing business in Latin America.

LatinLaws’ main goal is to provide easy access to the tools the international legal practitioner and the savvy investor need to gain a better understanding of the Latin American legal system and the specific laws in Latin America.

For more information about www.LatinLaws.com, please contact us at info@latinlaws.com

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